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MDAC/Jet installation is not working 

Wayne Hewitt
Wayne Hewitt
Posts: 36

Wayne Hewitt
Wayne Hewitt
Posts: 36
I haven't used SL Photo Classic 4 for several months.
Tried to start it, got the error message "StudioLine couldn't open your database, because your MDAC/Jet installation is not working. Your system has an apparent mix of different versions for these components. Details can be found in the logfile."
in a popup with [Exit] [More Information] [View logfile].
[More information] and [View logfile] to do do anything.
Researched error, found a repair for MDAC/Jet Installation in Major Geeks.
Ran the repair.
Tried Photo Classic 4 again.
Same results but it took it somewhat longer to return the error message.
So far as I know Photo Classic is up to date as is Win 10 Pro
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