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Dynamic menu uses wrong link


long time, no hear... I've recently been working on a long time (i.e. 10 years old) statical web site project again, and I'm having trouble with dynamic menus: 10 years ago they just worked fine, now, probably after conversion to the new dynamic menu technique, they don't. The link is always referring to the page with the filename "default.htm", even though the publication profile (and the rendered page) is using the filename "index.html".

With Chrome, clicking on a menu link gives you the local equivalent of a 404 page, with Edge, you'll get a white page only.

Fixing the link from "default.htm" to "index.html" in the generated JavaScript files (e.g. slm_388.js) helps, however I'd prefer not having to do that manually ;-)
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Dynamic menu uses wrong link

Hi Jürgen,

the web site I'm working on is, for privacy reasons, actually not going to be published on the internet, it is meant for DVD distribution to about 100 people.

I added a new publishing profile, since I wanted a clean start in the publishing directory which I grabbed from the StudioLine directories to burn on the DVDs. So yes, every page was published. Actually, the pages themselves are just fine, just the generated JavaScript files for the menues were using the wrong default page name (default.htm instead of index.html) - otherwise I'd have had to manually update >300 individual files.

All original publishing profiles were specified as using "index.html" as well. 10 years ago the menus worked just fine as well.

And yes, the menu uses "link to page", not "link to URL".

When adding new entries to the menu I was asked whether I'd want to update the menues to the new technology which was faster. I said "yes". Maybe this caused the problem.

I also have to admit that I was not using the most current version of StudioLine - it was about 1.5 years old already. Didn't want to change a winning team when under time pressure for the DVD production... ;-). However, creating yet another fresh publishing profile and updating the menu and republishing everything didn't switch the generated dynamic menu JavaScript files from using "default.htm" when "index.html" would've been correct.

I'm going to send some screenshots and some files via email.


Dynamic menu uses wrong link

Hi Andy, hi Jürgen,

thanks for the answers, and thanks for the emailed support as well. I was able to help myself even before entering this forum, since in my case there's just four JavaScript files involved that have to be fixed (four menues, one JavaScript file for each of them). I'd only have to take care that after changing a menu (and republishing it) I'd have to manually change default.htm into index.html again, that's why I said I wouldn't want to have to do that manually...

If you're creating a fix in the next version of StudioLine I'm just fine.

("Publishing to DVD (i.e. file) only" - the menus should work on the locally published preview as well as on a real server, where, as you point out correctly, it's the server's job to actually fix a URL from "www.whatever.com/pagename" first to "www.whatever.com/pagename/" (for "pagename" is a directory and not an existing to-be-delivered file), and then (internally only) fixing it to "www.whatever.com/pagename/default.htm" or whatever is configured to be the server's default filename. And "default.htm" is Microsoft's IS preferred name, while "index.html" is Apache's preferred name...)
StudioLine startet nicht mehr

Hallo liebe Ex-Kollegen,
heute hat SL beim Start um eine DB-Optimierung gebeten. Habe ich bestätigt. Es fing dann mit Backup und Optimierung an, blieb dabei aber hängen (Windows: "... reagiert nicht"). Keinerlei Aktivitäten im Task Manager (CPU/Platte). Nach einigen Minuten habe ich SL dann beendet. Beim Neustart das gleiche Spiel (ohne die Optimierungs-Frage): kurze Aktivität, dann nichts mehr und "... reagiert nicht".

Datenbank-Ordner manuell kopiert und einen Blick reingeworfen. DBErrors.xml und Journal-File sagen in etwa das gleiche:
2019-07-08 19:59:05.613 SQL("DELETE FROM ProcInf;")
2019-07-08 19:59:05.842 Error("Error: 80040e35, Native: fa84fa84,\nDescription: Index nicht gefunden.,\nSrc: Microsoft JET Database Engine,\nSQLState: 3015\n\n")
2019-07-08 20:01:14.080 SQL("DELETE FROM ProcInf;")
2019-07-08 20:01:14.357 Error("Error: 80040e35, Native: fa84fa84,\nDescription: Index nicht gefunden.,\nSrc: Microsoft JET Database Engine,\nSQLState: 3015\n\n")


⋖Text>Tabelle 'SystemMessages' ist nicht vorhanden.⋖/Text>
⋖Source>Microsoft JET Database Engine⋖/Source>
⋖Error>2019/07/08 20:01:14.206
⋖Text>Index nicht gefunden.⋖/Text>
⋖Location>CADOTable::CreateQuery(Open, Project, Guid)⋖/Location>
⋖AddInfo>Index nicht gefunden.⋖/AddInfo>
⋖CallerText>Index nicht gefunden.⋖/CallerText>
⋖Source>Microsoft JET Database Engine⋖/Source>

Ein frisch heruntergeladenes Setup-Programm bietet beim Start die Reparatur an. Ist sehr schnell fertig, ändert aber nichts am Ergebnis.

Bevor ich mein Backup von letzter Woche ausgrabe (da lief SL noch) - habt Ihr noch einen Tipp, wie ich die Arbeit (Bilder sortieren) der letzten Tage noch retten kann?

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