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Proxy images from D810 RAW files

Thanks for letting us know what you've experienced. RAW images from Nikon D810 are supported in the current release of StudioLine Photo Classic 4. If you are experiencing some problem, please describe how you load the images (direct from camera, or via some intermediary method.) Please also collect a screenshot if the problem concerns how the image displays in StudioLine. Then, send a technical service request from the 'Help' menu. Please include the screenshot and log files from when you reproduced the problem (all logs from the day you loaded the image and when you saw the problem.)
Most importantly, send us a sample image in RAW format that we can test. You can send it to support_us@studioline.net.
If the image is too large for email, you can send it through our MediaCenter.email webpage.
edited by Andy Schmidt on 3/12/2015
help with "stars" and rebuilding the archive

1. Choose 'Classifications' from the 'Edit' menu to display the ratings panel.
Select one or more images that you would like to classify.
Drag and drop the rating start of your choice to one of the selected images - or click the appropriate star at the bottom of the screen.
2. In the Keywords panel, select either to search the entire image archive of just the current folder.
Hold the shift key and click on the checkbox in front of the rating you wish to see. All the images with that rating will be displayed.

Please view the help for instructions: http://help.studioline.net/classic/ratings
also please see this workshop for more interesting search capabilites in SL Photo Classic:

Second question.
If you have set your image archive copy preferences to 'don't copy' then StudioLine doesn't make an internal copy of the original image, but simply keeps a reference to its location. Therefore, if you physically move the original, that reference will no longer be valid. If you try to use these images in a way that requires the original, you can click on the 'search' icon next to the 'file not found' message and 'Browse' to the new location where the file is located. When you select the image from its new location, StudioLine will adjust the reference. It will also adjust the reference for any other images that were moved from/to the same locations. If you have many images that you moved to various locations, you may have to do this for each new target location that you had moved images.

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