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help with "stars" and rebuilding the archive


It's my hope to be able to use the "stars" rating feature to:
1. Rate photos I like, 4 or 5 stars
2. Globally search all my photos, for all my 4 and 5 star images, so I am then looking at all my favourite pictures, from all the photos I've taken--and not any other photos.

Is this something I can do? I hope so. . I'm just so tired, and I don't want to dig around any further.

My second question:

After launching the program, the program directed me to select a folder with photos, that it would reference them from it's image archive. This went well. Afterwards, I moved a lot of the original photo locations around. They remain in the archive, in their original locations, x'd out.

Can I instruct the system to rebuild the archive so it's using the updated locations, and eliminate these "broken pictures" when I'm browsing my archive?

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