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Resizing Image Archive Window

StudioLine Support
StudioLine Support
Wayne Hewitt wrote:
trying to use the windows handles.

Okay - the application border is managed by Windows. If your mouse touches those (wide) margins - your mouse pointer should turn into either horizontal or vertical double arrows (depending if you are on the top/bottom vs. left/right margin). Near the 4 corners, they should turn into a diagonal double-arrow. The specific appearance is controlled by your Windows "theme".
So, the first two questions are:
  • As your mouse reaches the four corners, does the mouse pointer correctly and consistently toggle to the diagonal arrows in all four corners - or is THAT your problem?
  • What version of Windows are we talking about?
  • Does it make a difference if the bottom margin of StudioLine is a bigger distance from the inner edge of the task bar?
Wayne Hewitt wrote:
the previous version I could not maximize as the Image Archive would not recognize the boundaries of the Task Bar.

I have no problem with my task bar, that's located at the BOTTOM. As long as you are MAXIMIZED, StudioLine will not overlay the task bar on the bottom.
  • If you still have problems, how is your task bar positioned?
Wayne Hewitt wrote:
seem to me to be overly sensitive compared to most other apps I use

I know it's difficult, but try to explain more in detail what you mean by "overly sensitive" - does the mouse pointer flicker back and forth between a regular pointer and the diagonal arrow? Or is the problem that the redrawing of the StudioLine screen (to reposition its various content items) seems to take long or is "jerky"? Or... ?
It might be helpful to learn more about your hardware, such a processor speed, graphics adapter, color depth. Since you mentioned a "smaller monitor", I wonder how recent or old that particular hardware might be. A slow processor with a slow graphics adapter combined with high color depth and a graphics intensive application can result in a mix that requires some compromising by the user.
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